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Parking in Ibiza

The lively city centers and beautiful coastlines of Ibiza attract people all year round. However, finding a parking spot for your rental car can be difficult, especially during the peak season. Fortunately, there are plenty of options, both paid and free, to make parking hassle-free.

Parking in Ibiza Town:

  • Es Pratet parking (paid): 1100 spots, just a minute's walk to the center.
  • Es Gorg Parking (free): 900 spots behind IKEA, with shuttle buses to the center.
  • Water Taxi (paid): Convenient trips from the pier opposite the Ibiza Corso Hotel & Spa.

Parking in Santa Eularia:

Parking in San Antonio:

Tips for Parking on Ibiza

Pay attention to parking lines and always take a ticket. The blue lines mean it's paid parking, while white lines are for free parking. A yellow line is a ticket to the towing company's depot.

Download the parking app

Keep an eye on parking times to avoid fines or consider downloading the EIIParking app. Simply click on "Parquimento" (Parking), pinpoint the spot you want to park and then press "Confirmar" (confirm). Add a new vehicle or choose your previously added license plate number in the app and press "Siguiente" (Next). Select "Tarifa Normal Ocasión Azul" (normal rate blue), choose the time, and you are all set to explore Ibiza.

With these simple tips and parking options, you can explore Ibiza stress free. And remember, comprehensive insurance is essential for rental cars, as parking mishaps are common and cars on Ibiza are treated like bumper cars