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Hey Ibiza lovers!

It's almost that time of the year to dust off your best summer outfit, grab your favorite sunglasses from the drawer, and dash to the nearest pharmacy for a new supply of SPF 50 sunscreen. The long-awaited days filled with sparkling water, delicious meals in cozy restaurants, and the luxury of a perfectly made bed in an air-conditioned room are closer than ever.

Ibiza is slowly waking up from its winter sleep, just in time for the new season. A sense of excitement and anticipation hangs over the entire island. It's time to get ready: find that perfect pair of sunglasses, pull out your favorite swimwear, and make sure you have a delightful book to get lost in. The 2024 beach season is just around the corner, and you definitely don't want to miss out.

To get you in the mood, we've listed the opening dates of some of our favorite beach clubs for March & April, so you can start planning your ultimate Ibiza days

18 March - Atzaro Beach

20 March - Mamajuana

22 March - UM Beach House

22 March - Tropicana

22 March - ZAZU Ibiza

27 March - Chezzgerdi

28 March - Coco Beach

29 March - Cala Gracioneta

The excitement is mounting, and we can hardly wait! Whether you're a returning visitor or it's your first time this year, the promise of new, unforgettable memories under the warm Ibiza sun and seeing who can get the tannest are closer than ever!

Stay tuned for the latest and most exciting news about Ibiza. We ensure you won't miss out on anything happening on this beautiful island.

Missing something? Let us know! After all, we're here to make your Ibiza experience the best ever!

We're looking forward to another season full of unforgettable moments. See you on the beach soon!