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A day on Formentera? - What to do

Hello dear readers! It's been a while since we embarked on an adventure together. I absolutely love that I can write at my own pace, and today's the day: we're diving into the wonders of Formentera. This little island, just a stone's throw from Ibiza, is a world unto itself, where every turn and path reveals something new and breathtaking. So, brace yourselves, today I'm taking you to Formentera!

Exploring the Island

Step ashore and immediately feel the unique vibe of Formentera. Here, there's none of the hustle and bustle of Ibiza, but an ultimate sense of peace that invites exploration. It's recommended to rent an E-bike or scooter, as Formentera is perfect for exploring on two wheels. The roads lead you past salt flats, through picturesque villages, and of course, to breathtaking beaches.

Beaches That Capture Your Heart

Formentera is known for its incredibly beautiful beaches. From the famous Ses Illetes, with its crystal-clear water that seems endless, to secluded coves that you might have all to yourself. Each beach has its own charm, so get that beach bag ready because beach hopping is a must!

Culinary Delights on Formentera

Now, it's time for some culinary delights. Formentera offers a range of delicious options. From fresh seafood at El Sueño to the best pasta outside Italy at Gioviale And for that perfect evening? A table at Can Carlitos not only offers delicious dishes but also a mesmerizing view of the sunset.

Lesser Known Spots Worth Discovering!

Don't forget to discover the lesser-known spots. A coffee at Cafune, a relaxing afternoon at Vogamari Beach, or an evening out at Quartieri Spagnoli for the best pizzas. Every corner of Formentera has its own story.

Formentera is a fun day trip you won't forget.

As the day comes to an end and you get back on the boat, you realize that Formentera is more than a day trip. It's the foundation of a fun memory around the beautiful island of Ibiza. With a satisfied feeling and sun-kissed skin, you return to Ibiza.

Until next time, adventurers! Keep dreaming, keep exploring.