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Taxi in Ibiza - Everything You Need to Know for a Smooth Ride!

You step off the plane and immediately feel the holiday excitement. At the airport exit, you see a long line of people waiting for a taxi. Fortunately, it's well-organized and the line moves quickly. There's even someone ready to direct you to the next available taxi, so you can swiftly head to your dream accommodation that you've been looking forward to for weeks, maybe even months!

But what about taxis on the island? What should you keep in mind during your stay? No worries, we've got everything covered for you. Whether you want to explore the hotspots of Ibiza Town, visit the most beautiful beaches, or just need to know how to get back safely to your accommodation at night, we have the best tips and info for a hassle-free ride. Read on and discover how to travel easily and stress-free through Ibiza by taxi!

Where to Find Taxis?

There are taxi stands at the airport and in all towns and resorts. You can also ask the reception of your accommodation to call a taxi for you. Taxis are metered, similar to the rest of Europe. During the high season (July, August, and September), there are often long lines at the airport taxi stand, so we recommend booking an airport transfer in advance.

Prices and Rates

The taxi rates in Ibiza are regulated by the Balearic Government. Here is an overview of the current rates:

  • Minimum fare on the street: €3.65
  • When booked by phone: €4.95
  • Price per kilometer from 07:00 – 21:00: €1.09
  • Price per kilometer from 21:00 – 07:00, from 15:00 on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays: €1.33
  • Airport/harbor supplement: €1.80
  • Waiting time: daytime €19.58 per hour, nighttime, Sundays, and holidays €23.98 per hour
  • Luggage: free

Estimated Prices

Here are some estimated prices for popular routes on the island:

  • Airport – Ibiza Town: €15 – €18
  • Airport – Playa d’en Bossa: €11 – €14
  • Airport – San Antonio: €28 – €36
  • Airport – Santa Eulalia: €30 – €35
  • Ibiza Town – Playa d’en Bossa: €11 – €12
  • Ibiza Town – San Antonio: €20 – €24
  • Ibiza Town – Santa Eulalia: €22 – €26

Taxi phone numbers on Ibiza

It's always handy to have the important phone numbers at hand:

  • Taxi Ibiza Central: +34 971 800 080
  • Radio Taxi: +34 971 333 333
  • Radio Taxi Ibiza Town: +34 971 39 84 83
  • Radio Taxi San José: +34 971 80 00 80 (also airport)
  • Radio Taxi San Antonio: +34 971 34 37 64
  • Radio Taxi Santa Eulalia: +34 971 33 30 33
  • Radio Taxi San Juan: +34 971 33 33 33
  • Radio Taxi Formentera: +34 971 32 23 42

Taxi Apps in Ibiza

TaxiClick App

You can also order a taxi via the Taxi Ibiza app, available for both iOS and Android. This app is specifically designed for the taxis on the island and makes booking a taxi easy and quick. However, customer service experiences are mixed.

Uber in Ibiza

Since December 2023, Uber is finally available in Ibiza! This provides an extra option for those who prefer to arrange their rides via an app. With Uber, you can easily request a ride at any time of the day. This is a convenient addition alongside the regular taxis on the island.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taxis in Ibiza

<u>- Is there Uber in Ibiza? </u>

Yes, since December 2023, Uber is available in Ibiza. This makes it even easier to get around the island.

<u>- How much does a taxi cost in Ibiza? The cost of a taxi depends on the time of day. </u> The day rate is valid from 07:00 AM to 21:00 PM, where you pay €1.09 per kilometer. For the night rate, which applies from 21:00 to 07:00, you pay €1.33 per kilometer. The starting rate for a taxi is €3.65.

<u>- Are there child seats available in taxis?</u>

No, taxis do not have child seats. If you want to take a taxi with children under 12 years old, you need to provide your own child seat.

<u>- How do I avoid illegal taxis? </u>

Always choose an official taxi, recognizable by the blue license plate and the meter. Illegal taxis do not have a meter and do not have the proper licenses. They can be pushy and sometimes ask for more than the agreed price at the end of the ride.

Tips for Using Taxis in Ibiza

  • Book in advance: In high season, waiting times can be long, especially at the airport and popular locations. Book your taxi well in advance to avoid long waits.
  • Use an official taxi: Make sure you always use an official taxi to avoid problems.
  • Payment methods: Almost all taxis accept both payment cards and cash.
  • Clear communication: To avoid miscommunication, show the address of your destination on Google Maps. Some names of beaches or villages are very similar.
  • Wheelchair accessibility: If you are a wheelchair user, clearly mention this when booking so a suitable taxi is available for you.
  • Water Taxis in Ibiza: A Fun Way to Escape the Crowds Besides regular taxis and Uber, Ibiza also offers a unique way to explore the island: water taxis. This is not only a convenient way to get around but also a fun and picturesque experience.

What is a Water Taxi?

Water taxis are boats that connect various points along the coast of Ibiza, such as Ibiza Town, Figueretas, and Playa d'en Bossa. This service is available from May 15 to September 15 and offers a relaxing way to avoid the crowds on the roads.

Prices and Times

Tickets can be purchased on board, both in cash and by card.

A one-way trip costs from €5.50. Special prices apply for return tickets and day passes. Children under four years travel for free.

Departure Points

  1. Ibiza Town: From the port of Ibiza Magna.
  2. Playa d'en Bossa:: From the pier of the Ibiza Twiins Hotel.
  3. Figueretas: From the beach pier of Figueretas, opposite the Ibiza Playa Hotel.

Benefits of the Water Taxi

  • No extra costs for suitcases, bicycles, or pets.
  • Freedom to hop on and off as often as you want with a day pass.
  • Enjoy beautiful views and a peaceful trip on the water.
  • Whether you want to escape the crowds or just try a different way to explore the island, the water taxis offer a unique and fun experience that adds to the holiday feeling!


Taxis in Ibiza are a reliable and convenient way to explore the island. Whether you want to go to the beach, plan a night out, or just drive through the picturesque villages, a taxi offers comfort and convenience. With the addition of Uber, it has become even easier to plan and book your rides. And don't forget the water taxis as a fun and relaxing alternative. Enjoy your time on this beautiful island and discover everything Ibiza has to offer!

We hope your stay in Ibiza is unforgettable. Until next time!