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Everything You Need to Know About the NIE Number on Ibiza

The NIE number, fully "Número de Identidad de Extranjero", is an indispensable tax identification number for foreigners in Spain. This number is crucial for anyone looking to settle in Ibiza, whether you're drawn by the stunning beaches, the unique lifestyle, or the business opportunities.

Why the NIE Number is essential on Ibiza

Obtaining an NIE number is key to fully integrating into the local community and economy on Ibiza. With this number, you unlock the ability to:

  • Purchase real estate or a vehicle
  • Open a bank account
  • Take out insurance
  • File tax returns in Spain

In short, with an NIE number, nothing stands in your way of fully enjoying and contributing to life on Ibiza, from living and working to exploring all the opportunities this beautiful island has to offer.

How to Apply for an NIE Number

The application requires a few basic documents, including:

In 2024, the cost for a first application is approximately €10.00, although this can vary depending on the region and the application method.

A NIE number for Non EU Citizens

If you're coming from outside the European Union, applying for an NIE number is a crucial step to be able to live and work in Spain. The procedure slightly differs from that for EU citizens and often requires additional documentation to prove your residency status or reason for staying.

Here's an overview:

Application at the Spanish Consulate: Before moving to Spain, you can apply for an NIE number at the Spanish consulate in your home country. This is particularly useful for those planning their move to Spain from abroad.

Application in Spain: You can also wait until you are in Spain to apply for your NIE number. This is done at the local police department in charge of foreigners (Extranjería) or at certain police stations, depending on where you are in Spain.

The Importance of the NIE Number

An NIE number enables you to fully participate in Spanish life, from buying or renting real estate to registering with the municipal registry, from taxes to social security, and much more. Without this number, you are sidelined in the social and economic life on Ibiza.

If you decide to move to Ibiza, either partially or fully, it's important to be open to learning about Spanish customs and becoming part spanish life.

You can apply for your NIE in several ways:

1. In your homecountry

In person at the Spanish consulate in your homecountry, where you submit the required documents and forms yourself.

2. Locally

On site in Ibiza, through the Comisaria de Policia, where you make an appointment online and bring the required documents.

  • Make an appointment online
  • Fill in and print out the 790, Código 012 form.
  • Pay the fees: Before proceeding, it's necessary to pay the due fees (leges, amounting to €9.84). You do this by taking the filled out 790, Codigo 012 form to the bank for payment.

3. Through a local gestor

Through a local gestor (administrative assistant) in Ibiza, who can handle the process for you for a fee.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so choose what works best for you. For more information or if you would like to outsource the process, please click on the button below.

Local Gestor

In conclusion

Obtaining your NIE number is the first step towards a new life in Ibiza. Start your application early so you can enjoy everything this beautiful island has to offer without any worries. For more information, visit the official websites or contact the Spanish consulate. Good luck and welcome to Ibiza!