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Decorating your house on Ibiza

After a long search, you've finally managed to buy your dream home in Ibiza. Or you have managed to rent your dream house for the longer term. This milestone needs to be celebrated! But before you organise your housewarming party, you obviously want the house to become a home. Now the real adventure begins: decorating your house in Ibiza, and this is not without a struggle. After all, where do you start?

In this guide, you will discover the best home furnishing shops in Ibiza and we will give you a golden tip to furnish your house exactly the way you want it.

We have listed the finest home furnishing shops in Ibiza for you:

Es Cucons, Santa Gertrudis

Located in the heart of Santa Gertrudis, this store offers a beautiful collection of bohemian furniture and decorations that can instantly transform your home.

L'Atelier 74, Santa Gertrudis

For those who take their interior design seriously but don't lose sight of the fun in the process, L'Atelier 74 is a must-visit. Besides being a store, it's also a creative hub where you can find unique furniture pieces and accessories, and participate in workshops to add your own personal touch to your home.

Cocoq, Route from Santa Eularia to Ibiza Town

Looking for something truly unique? Cocoq surprises with an eclectic mix of boho-chic interior items and garden decorations. From atmospheric lighting to striking accessories.

Sluiz, on the road to Santa Gertrudis:

When you arrive at Sluiz for the first time, you'll undoubtedly be amazed. Colorful cows hang from the trees, and parking signs feature texts like "VIP's only," "Only drugsdealers," or "Parking for Big Asses," etc. This megastore entices with its colorful exterior and keeps you engaged with an unparalleled, outspoken selection of items for the home and garden. Discover practical furniture pieces, unique decorative items, and enjoy a tasteful break in their café. Sluiz is the perfect place to get inspired and have fun while shopping.

Although Ibiza has nice home furnishing shops, it is still an island and the selection is not very extensive. On the mainland or even in the Netherlands, you can find just that one special piece or better price offer than in Ibiza. Consider transporting your furniture and decorations to Ibiza. This can not only unlock a wider range of choices, but also save you considerable money. This way, you create a home that not only makes your heart beat faster, but is also kind to your wallet.

Don't feel like going through this whole process at all? Then there is always the option of outsourcing it to someone with a passion for making your house a home. Contact us and we will pair you with the right person.