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Sant Eulalia, Ibiza


Discover the power of breathwork with Leslie Stoel, an expert coach and therapist specializing in personal and spiritual development. Leslie, a transformative figure in the realm of hol

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As a coach and therapist with a transformative approach, my expertise lies in nurturing personal and spiritual growth. In addition, I hold certifications as a yoga instructor and a breathwork coach, both of which have significantly impacted my personal journey.

My professional path began over three decades ago in the healthcare sector, where I honed my skills in people management and personal development. In my role as a social worker, I have embraced diverse responsibilities, including coaching, training, supervising, and leading projects. I have spearheaded several initiatives for individuals with disabilities and provided training in mental health and interpersonal skills to colleagues. My enduring commitment is to empower people to realize their utmost potential.

Driven by an unwavering passion for self-improvement, I continually seek education and growth in all aspects of life. My fascination with human potential propels me to constantly expand my knowledge and skills, both mentally and spiritually.

My experiences have brought me face-to-face with various forms of trauma, shaping my mission to assist people in healing and integrating every aspect of their being, thereby unlocking their true potential. I firmly believe in the capacity of each individual to lead a rewarding life, transcending any past traumas or obstacles.

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