The best restaurants in the city

Discover Ibiza's culinary marvels with our meticulously curated list of top restaurants, promising to enchant your taste buds and offer an unforgettable experience.

1. La Gaia by Oscar Molina: Succumb to the artful cuisine where innovation meets tradition, offering a unique gastronomic journey.

2. Novikov Ibiza Restaurant: Step into a realm of luxury and flavor at Novikov, where each dish embodies refined tastes and impeccable presentation.

3. Zuma: Experience authentic Japanese cuisine in a chic, modern setting, where every dish is a true work of art.

4. Maison Le Vrai: Be transported to the heart of French culinary tradition with a menu that offers both classic and innovative creations.

5. Casa Maca: Savor the warm atmosphere and delightful dishes that encapsulate the essence of Mediterranean cuisine in this charming eatery.

6. Social Point: Discover a vibrant meeting spot where tasty dishes and a lively ambiance go hand in hand.

7. Nobu: Enjoy the sophisticated fusion of Japanese cuisine with Peruvian influences in one of the island's most iconic restaurants.

8. Izakaya: Be enticed by the innovative Izakaya style, where small, exquisite dishes take center stage in a modern and casual setting.

9. Roto: Dive into a culinary experience where creativity and the flavors of Ibiza converge in a dynamic and trendy environment.

10. La Oliva: Experience the romantic atmosphere of the old town while enjoying Mediterranean dishes crafted with passion and expertise.

Each of these top venues promises a distinctive culinary journey and an unforgettable taste experience on the beautiful island of Ibiza.

Embark on a Regional Culinary Adventure with Residence Ibiza

Your essential guide to the array of dining hotspots, neatly categorized by region. Whether you're eager to savor local dishes in the vibrant Ibiza town, enjoy a sea-view dinner on the west coast, or uncover hidden culinary treasures in the serene countryside, our guide provides a clear and concise overview. Effortlessly find the perfect restaurant for every palate and occasion, in every corner of the island.