Which region to rent a house in Ibiza?

Ibiza has different regions, each with its own charms. Despite Ibiza not being a large island, it is a versatile one. That’s why many different people visit the island. While you can party a lot in Ibiza Town, the north of Ibiza offers peace and beautiful bays. If you are going to rent a house in Ibiza, it’s a good idea to find the right place for your accommodation.

North & East

This is the area if you are looking for peace and a beautiful environment. The north is much quieter and the nature is breathtaking. This part of the island is known for its small scale and idyllic bays. If you are curious about the authentic and hippie side of Ibiza, then this side of the island is your place.


The inland, who doesn’t love it? You are centrally located and can easily reach everything from there. This area also offers a lot of peace and relaxation. Additionally, we believe the most charming places can be found in the inland. A bonus is that it is much quieter than the coastal areas.

South & West

Yes, this is really the trendy part of Ibiza. Here you will find popular beaches and hotspots. This ranges from trendy/luxury beach clubs and nightclubs to the best parties. Tourism here is mainly focused on music, shopping, and fun. This place is really bustling with people; it is also the busiest area of the island. You will mainly see groups of friends, singles, and couples here, but it is also definitely suitable for children. And not to forget, the west is famous for its legendary sunsets.

Renting a house in Ibiza by region

Explore the extensive selection of houses in Ibiza and find the perfect place in your favorite region.

What to consider when renting a house?

But what should you pay attention to once you've chosen an area to rent the right house? We have some tips for you.

Amenities in the area

Once you have determined which region you want to stay in, it is good to look at the essential amenities for your stay in Ibiza. Think about beaches, views, cities, or good activity options. Or maybe you want a supermarket nearby? Make sure to check which options are in the vicinity and which ones suit you best.


Renting a house in Ibiza also means having the right transportation. Since everything is easily accessible, it is highly recommended to rent your own transport. Think about a scooter or a car. This way, you can easily get around. Everything in Ibiza is reachable within an hour, which means you can see a lot during your stay.

Be on time

This really depends on the period you are going. Are you planning to go in the high season? Then be on time. The best rental houses are already occupied if you book last minute. Make sure to start your search early and use a trusted platform. It is important that the houses are screened so you don’t face any surprises.

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