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Embark on a voyage to discover the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza like never before. Our intuitive platform allows you to effortlessly sift through Ibiza's best beaches, ensuring your search for the perfect seaside spot is smooth and enjoyable. With our interactive map, you gain a clear perspective of each location, making it simpler than ever to decide which of Ibiza's stunning beaches will be your next destination. Each beach beckons with its unique allure, ready to transform any ordinary day into a memorable beach escapade.

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary beach experience. Whether you're in search of a serene spot to unwind, engage in exhilarating water activities, or immerse yourself in the vibrant local beach scene, the island's coastline awaits your discovery. The enchanting allure of Ibiza's beaches, coupled with the ease of our mapping tool, brings your dream beach day within reach. Embrace the diversity of the island's shores and let the distinct charm of each beach captivate your senses.


Exploring Ibiza: Beaches and Sunsets

We're here to take you on a relaxing journey through the breathtaking beaches of this beautiful island. Whether you're looking for secluded coves, the perfect spot for a sunset, or just some local tips for a fantastic beach day, we've got you covered. Let's explore the beauty of Ibiza together and get you ready for an unforgettable time on this island.

1. Cala Jondal: Surrounded by majestic cliffs and pine forests, Cala Jondal is a spacious beach with first-class facilities. It's no wonder it's a favorite anchoring spot for private yachts. Here, you can enjoy a luxurious lunch on board, served by Tropicana Beach Club, directly to your yacht.

2. Benirras: Located on the northwest coast, Benirras is famous for its breathtaking sunsets and live music on Sundays. With fisherman's huts and a picnic table, it's the perfect place for an evening picnic with a local twist.

3. Cala Gracioneta: The relaxed atmosphere and lively music make Cala Gracioneta a unique beach experience. Although the water here may not be the clearest, it's compensated by the ambiance.

4. Cala Salada: A scenic walk through the pine forests leads you to Cala Salada, known for its crystal-clear water and rocky surroundings. Further along, you'll discover the even more beautiful Cala Saladeta, a snorkeling paradise.

5. Cala Vadella: With calm waters and plenty of amenities, Cala Vadella is perfect for families. Here, you can enjoy a relaxing day on the soft sand, surrounded by a picturesque village and various dining options.

6. Cala Comte: Cala Comte is renowned for its clear waters and enchanting sunsets. Sunset Ashram offers breathtaking views and is the perfect place to end your day.

7. Cala Tarida: With crystal-clear water and a wide sandy beach, Cala Tarida is a gem on the west coast of Ibiza. The beach is ideal for a relaxing family day out, with all the conveniences.

8. Cala d'en Serra: This beautiful beach in the north of Ibiza is perfect for those seeking tranquility. With limited facilities, Cala d'en Serra offers an authentic beach experience away from the crowds.

9. Aigais Blancas: Aigais Blancas is known for its serene atmosphere, attracting visitors in search of a peaceful beach experience. Its natural beauty and tranquil surroundings make it an ideal place for relaxation.

10. Cala Bassa: Cala Bassa, with its soft sand and ideal waves, is a favorite among surfers. The Atzaro Beachbar serves refreshing drinks for a perfect beach day.

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Embark on a tour of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza, each nestled in distinct regions with their own unique allure. From the tranquil beaches in the north to the lively hotspots in the south, and from the picturesque coastlines in the east to the hidden gems in the west, Ibiza offers a diverse range of beach experiences.