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Eivissa, Ibiza

Mercadillo Puerto Ibiza

In the heart of Ibiza Town, near the harbor, the Mercadillo Puerto Eivissa unfolds on the plazas of Plaza de Antoni Riquer and Plaza Sa Tertulia. Established in 1974, this ma

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Residence Ibiza tip

If you're planning to spend the entire evening at the Mercadillo del Pueblo, it's worth comparing the cost of a taxi and parking. A taxi can surprisingly be just as affordable, and it spares you the hassle of finding a parking space. This way, you can fully enjoy your evening without worrying about driving back.

Should you decide to come by car, park at the aforementioned Pàrquing Es Pratet. This spacious parking lot is close to the market and offers ample parking space. Thus, you combine the convenience of your own transportation with the market's proximity, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable visit to the Mercadillo del Pueblo.