Why Rent a villa with Residence Ibiza?

Renting a villa in Ibiza is considered the ideal vacation, and it's not surprising given the breathtaking locations of these cottages. Ibiza is renowned for its versatility, offering the choice of being surrounded by beautiful nature or enjoying a picturesque sea view. Each part of Ibiza has its own charms, catering to every vacationer on the island. Residence Ibiza supports you in finding your cottage rental, your spot on the island.

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At Residence Ibiza, we understand the complexity and importance of reliable rental practices. That's why we meticulously screen all our partners and accommodations on our platform, aiming for transparency and integrity. Our dedicated team ensures that every cottage, whether it's a small idyllic retreat or a luxury villa, strictly complies with local laws and regulations, making your stay not only memorable but also carefree and fully compliant with the rules.

Find Your Perfect villa in Ibiza by Region

Each region in Ibiza has its own unique character. The Northeast is for those seeking tranquility, with calm and untouched nature, idyllic coves, and small-scale spots. It's ideal for anyone wanting to experience authentic and hippie Ibiza. The inland area features green, hilly countryside, providing a quieter environment than the coastal areas while remaining close to everything. If you prefer the trendy and party scene, the Southwest is for you, offering popular beaches, beach clubs, and nightclubs. Of course, there are also plenty of quiet spots in this part of the island. The West boasts the legendary sunset, providing a beautiful experience.

What to Consider When Renting a villa in Ibiza?

If you're looking for a villa, it's important to pay attention to the following aspects when booking the right accommodation.

Check Nearby Facilities

It's essential to know which facilities you want nearby. Consider parking, proximity to the beach, or perhaps being close to a landmark. Check the location of the cottage and determine the facilities you need.

Start Booking Early

If you want to rent a cottage in Ibiza for the (summer) vacation, start booking early. Ibiza is a popular destination, and the best cottages are quickly taken. The earlier you book, the more options you have to rent the right villa.

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