Holiday apartments on offer:

Explore the diversity of Ibiza with your own Holiday Apartment. Are you looking for a smart investment or a personal oasis on this lively island? Our selection offers various options for anyone interested in buying an apartment in Ibiza. Turn your dream into reality and find your ideal home away from home, where comfort and style meet.

Look for your dream Ibiza Holiday Apartment at your own pace.

Explore Ibiza and discover the perfect Holiday Apartment that aligns with your unique style, all at your own pace. At Residence Ibiza, we understand that searching for a holiday apartment in Ibiza is a personal journey. Touring the island, feeling the ambiance in different areas, and aligning your desires with the region's unique offerings is crucial. Whether you're drawn to a sleek apartment or your heart beats for a cozy villa, we offer you the freedom and time to experience Ibiza in your own rhythm. Our carefully selected rental properties allow you to deepen your affinity with the island at your leisure, without the immediate commitment of purchasing. Live, feel, and discover what it's like to reside in your preferred spot, while you calmly continue your search. When you're ready to take that decisive step, we are here to support and guide you every step of the way towards your dream Ibiza Holiday Apartment.