"We sthrive to become the leading and most trusted platform on Ibiza, uniting only the highest quality providers"

By choosing Residence Ibiza, you are choosing a partner that not only invests in the visibility of your offer, but also strives to create a marketplace known for its quality and reliability. We only work with parties that we know provide good service and/or products and are reliable. We provide the tools and environment needed to streamline your sales process, without the additional costs often associated with traditional sales channels. Thus, we ensure that your houses get the attention they deserve, and support you in achieving your business goals.

What sets us apart:

  • No Cure, No Pay: You need no initial investment to get started and only pay when you benefit.
  • Cost efficiency: We keep operational costs low and reinvest almost all revenue in online growth and marketing so that your properties get the attention they deserve.
  • Great online visibility: You benefit from our specialised marketing and extensive reach.
  • Professional support: We invest in knowledge sharing and support wherever possible so together we can continue to guarantee quality and service.
  • Target group: The platform was developed specifically for people who want to stay in Ibiza, thus attracting the right audience.

Main benefits working with us:

At Residence Ibiza, we warmly welcome quality real estate agents as partners. We offer you the opportunity to highlight your clients' unique properties on our innovative platform. Collaborating with us brings a multitude of benefits, all tailored to enhancing the sales experience while keeping costs low. Here's a brief overview of what offering properties through Residence Ibiza can mean for you as an agent:

No Initial Capital Required & Performance-Based Payment

What's unique about Residence Ibiza is that you have no initial costs to list your offerings. You can start promoting your properties right away without any upfront investment. Our "no cure, no pay" model means you only pay once a sale is completed, significantly reducing your risk. You pay for results, not promises.

Cost Efficiency

Our approach as a platform results in lower operating costs compared to traditional real estate agents. Where you typically give away 50% to co-agents, you pay less at Residence Ibiza. Another major advantage is that, due to lower overhead costs compared to a traditional agent, we invest these savings in online visibility and effectively targeting the right audience. In short: you pay less for more visibility of your products.

Increased Visibility

You benefit from our specialized marketing and extensive reach. Our platform attracts a specific audience actively searching for real estate in Ibiza, increasing the chance of a sale. Additionally, we actively approach this audience through campaigns and ads.

Professional Support

As a partner, you gain access to our professional support. Our team is here to assist you with any question and to ensure your offerings are optimally presented. Because we guarantee quality among our carefully selected partners, we're eager to discuss how we can ensure you meet the requirements to be listed on the platform and how we can help you grow.

By joining forces with Residence Ibiza, you become part of a platform dedicated to efficiently and cost-effectively bringing together quality agents and the right buyers. Let us help you achieve your sales goals while maximizing your profits. We ensure you have all the space to provide your clients with the attention and service they deserve

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