"We sthrive to become the leading and most trusted platform on Ibiza, uniting only the highest quality providers"

Our platform is specifically designed to connect boat companies and boat owners like you with an enthusiastic target audience that longs for unique boating experiences in Ibiza. By partnering with Residence Ibiza, you are choosing a platform committed to showcasing your boats prominently in a market known for its quality and reliability. We believe in building a community where only the best service and product providers have a place. This means we are selective in our partnerships, working only with those who share our passion for excellence.

Why Residence Ibiza?

  • Exceptional online visibility: Enjoy our specialised marketing reach and effortlessly increase your presence online.
  • Expert support: We are committed to knowledge sharing and offer active support to jointly ensure the highest quality and service.
  • Targeted audience approach: Our platform is specifically designed for people who want to stay in Ibiza, making it the perfect place to promote your boats.
  • Quality and reliability: We only work with the best providers who stand for quality and trust.