Most known nude beaches on Ibiza

Ibiza has several nude beaches where naturism is allowed. Some of the most famous nude beaches on the island are:

Discover Ibiza's finest nude beaches, where you can watch the sunset hassle-free or greet the day in peace at sunrise. Everything you need for a laid-back day.

Southern Vibes vs. Northern Serenity

Welcome to Ibiza, an island where sunlight dances on the waves of an inviting sea. Here, you’ll find a mix of beaches: the south boasts iconic spots like Playa d'en Bossa and Las Salinas, buzzing with energy from the beats of beach clubs. Looking for a quieter spot? The north welcomes you with hidden coves and calm beaches where you can enjoy nature in peace.

Start and End Your Day in Style

Ibiza is blessed with locations where you can experience both breathtaking sunrises and picturesque sunsets. Start your day with the early sun on the east coast, for example, at Cala Llonga, and end with a colorful spectacle in the west at Cala Comte or Cala d'Hort. Perfect for those moments you want to cherish forever.

Discover Ibiza with Ease

The beauty of Ibiza? You can explore the entire island without it taking all day. Catch the sunrise on one side of the island and cruise to the other for the sunset. Whether you're drawn to the dynamism of the south or prefer the serene beauty of the north, Ibiza’s beaches promise something for everyone. Set out and find your perfect spot under the Ibiza sun.

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Should you decide not to visit the nude beaches today, explore the myriad of other captivating shorelines that Ibiza has to offer. Our guide is your key to discovering the perfect beach experience.

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